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State Board of Education candidates

Written by ONE Olentangy on .

On October 24, the Olentangy School Advocacy Committee held its first ever Candidate Forum. Candidates for Ohio House Districts 67 and 68 as well as candidates for the Ohio State Board of Education District 6 were invited. Because there is a lot of information available on the Ohio House candidates and not a lot about the candidates for the state board, we are focusing this article on the state board candidates.

School board president thanks community

Written by Dave King, member of the Olentangy Board of Education on .

I extend my gratitude to the Olentangy Schools community for the support of the crucial levy and bond request. I am very fortunate to be a resident of a community that places a high value on education. 
The outstanding support and effort of so many grass-roots individuals and groups was such an important component to the successful outcome. I am thankful to them for providing essential information that so well told the Olentangy story.
I appreciate the trust and confidence in Olentangy Schools and we will continue to efficiently manage growth and finances, seek fairness in funding from the state of Ohio and provide excellence in academics and opportunities for all of our students.
Dave King
Olentangy Schools board member

ONE Olentangy encourages voters to support school levy

Written by ONE Olentangy on .

ONE Olentangy’s goal is to inform the community in a proactive way about local issues that affect our school district. Based on our editorial board’s research on the facts, ONE Olentangy endorses Olentangy’s March 15 ballot issue and recommends voter approval.
The consequences of the district’s ballot issue failing are far reaching. The direct need is a fourth high school. The need for this school is projected to continue for at least the next half century. Our review of Facilities Committee reports and enrollment projections show us that the district has done its due diligence in assessing this building need now and in the future. Our anecdotal research causes us concern about student opportunities and safety. Without voter approval, the district will have to consider options to manage the high school enrollment growth in ways that minimize the negative impact on educational experiences as well as safety concerns.
A March 15 levy failure is expected to negatively impact the educational experience beyond the high schools, reaching all levels of education. Superintendent Mark Raiff has stated that a levy failure will result in choices needing to be made with regard to programs and services that exceed state mandates. Our research on the district’s cost-reduction measures, including staff reductions, energy cost savings and their self-insured workers’ compensation plan, show strong effort and success. And we applaud the administration, school board, teachers and staff for working together to rein in personnel costs, including costs associated with insurance benefits. 
Olentangy provides a great value, with a comparatively low cost per pupil (see cost per pupil article here) and now the highest Performance Index and state report card in Central Ohio (see our Performance article here). 
ONE Olentangy encourages voters to do their own research to learn exactly what their “Yes” vote would mean and a potential “No” vote would mean in terms of consequences to the educational value provided by our school district.

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