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OPINION: Patrick is clear choice

Written by Carole Dorn-Bell, Olentangy resident on .

Mindy Patrick is the clear choice when deciding who to vote for in the Olentangy School Board election this November.
Mindy Patrick is proven in her support of educational initiatives and in her support of our Olentangy schools. She has worked in finance for companies like Detroit Diesel and General Motors.
Mindy Patrick has volunteered within our schools and is a member of the district’s Cost Efficiency Committee. She is active in numerous other efforts within our schools and cares deeply about the excellence in our schools.
Mindy Patrick knows how our Olentangy schools work. In fact, over the last 1.5 years she has attended nearly every school board meeting. Why?Because she cares and is genuinely interested.
On Tuesday, November 3, voters can choose up to three candidates for the school board. I hope you will join me in voting for Mindy Patrick.
Carole Dorn-Bell

OPINION: Keep Bartz on school board

Written by Mark and Kelly Hershiser, Olentangy residents on .

On November 3, we have an opportunity to continue the excellence and passion we have come to expect in the Olentangy community by returning Roger Bartz to the Board of Education. Roger is a special individual who works tirelessly for each of us and our children and is someone who knows and understands what it takes to maintain the excellence our school district has achieved. Roger is a longtime resident, involved parent, and dedicated Board member.
Roger Bartz represents what is great about our community and school district. On November 3, each of us has an opportunity to continue the success and excellence for our children and our school system. Please join us in returning Roger Bartz to the Olentangy Board of Education.
We often hear people say “if we only knew” or “if I had a chance”. On November 3, we know and have a chance to elect someone who will represent us, our community and most importantly our children. If you are passionate about your children, the community where you reside, and the wonderful school system each of us have been a part of, on November 3, elect Roger Bartz to the Olentangy Board of Education.
Mark and Kelly Hershiser

OPINION: Kevin & Roger deserve your vote

Written by Julie Wagner Feasel, Olentangy school board member on .

This year there are three seats open on the Olentangy School Board. Two of those seats are held by current school board president Kevin O’Brien and board member Roger Bartz. Kevin and Roger are running for re-election and deserve your vote.
Both Kevin and Roger have been active members on our school board, attending committee meetings, answering residents’ concerns, volunteering at school events and providing support to our students and staff. Their decisions have kept our school district operating efficiently so that we have been able to extend our 2011 levy ask two years longer than promised. They have also been supportive of new educational opportunities for our students and continued professional development courses for our staff.
Most importantly, Kevin and Roger have been advocates for Olentangy engaging with members of the House and Senate and even contacting the governor when necessary. With Kevin having four daughters in the district and Roger with one son still in the district and one who has graduated, both have a vested interest in doing what is right for our community. Neither is afraid to express their opinions, but rest assured, their votes are backed by data not by what special interests want them to do.
Don’t forget to vote on (or before through early voting) November 3rd and be sure to cast two of your Olentangy School Board votes for Kevin O’Brien and Roger Bartz.
Julie Wagner Feasel, vice president
Olentangy School Board

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