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OPINION: Keep incumbents on school board

Written by Dave King, Olentangy school board member on .

Current board president Kevin O’Brien and board member Roger Bartz are seeking to retain their incumbency on the Olentangy School Board.

Affirmative votes for Kevin and Roger are also a confirmation of the importance of their continued productive dialogue with fellow board members Julie Wagner Feasel, vice president, and myself as well as with the district’s administration.

Of course, with continued enrollment growth, “fairness in funding” advocacy, expected academic and opportunities excellence and fiscal efficiency, allowing our cooperative board association and dialogue to continue will enhance the collective effort to continue success.

Please return Kevin O’Brien and Roger Bartz to the Olentangy School Board.


Dave King, Board member, Olentangy School Board

OPINION: Patrick ignites interest and passion

Written by Libby Ball, Olentangy resident on .

On November 3, 2015, the Olentangy community has an opportunity to elect three members to the School Board. I would like to use this forum to endorse Mindy Patrick for a seat on the Olentangy Board of Education.

I have known Mindy for several years. During this time, she has managed to ignite much needed interest and passion in myself and others regarding current school policy, curriculum, and why we should care. As a parent of two Olentangy students I now realize how vital it is to be involved in the policies set by the board. Mindy has done just that through her involvement with the Olentangy Dyslexia Network, by meeting with state leaders to advance literacy initiatives, and by serving on the district’s Cost Efficiency Committee.

Mindy Patrick would be a great addition to our school board and I hope you will join me in voting for her on November 3rd.


Libby Ball


OPINION: We support Mindy Patrick

Written by John & Karen Batta, Olentangy residents on .

Olentangy is a wonderful school system and it is why we chose this area when we moved here eight years ago.  We appreciated the good planning and excellent schools.   

Excellent schools do not just happen though.  They come due to effective planning and residents who – time and again – support their schools when it matters.  This coming school board election is an important part of ensuring excellence for the future.  Who we elect to school board matters.

That’s also why we are voting for Mindy Patrick for the Olentangy School Board.  Personally, we have worked alongside her on literacy initiatives.  She is passionate and cares deeply about all students and our community.  She has a strong background in finance and has worked for big companies like General Motors and  Detroit Diesel.

Not only does Mindy Patrick have a proven record but she also has attended nearly all school board meetings over the last one and a half years.  Why? Because she cares and wants to understand how our schools work on a deeper level.  That means that she can hit the ground running once she is elected.

All of that makes it pretty clear: Mindy Patrick has earned our support for Olentangy School Board in the Tuesday, November 3 election.  We hope you will join us and so many others in voting for her. 

John & Karen Batta


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