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Open seat on Olentangy school board

Written by ONE Olentangy on .

Olentangy school board member Stacy Dunbar resigned from the school board effective today, Wednesday, June 18, 2014. She and her family are moving out of the district.

Dunbar was appointed to the Olentangy school board in August, 2010 to replace the seat vacated by Jennifer Smith’s resignation. Dunbar was later elected to a 4-year term in November 2011. 

Asked about her resignation, Dunbar said, “My husband Vince and I will be moving outside the district. It was a difficult decision, but the right one for my family. My time in the Olentangy school district and on the board has been so rewarding. There is such a commitment to volunteerism here - to make our community and our schools the best they can be. It has been a pleasure and an honor to serve on this school board.”

School funding amendment update

Written by ONE Olentangy on .

Below is an article posted today in Gongwer that discusses Senator Jim Hughes’ school funding amendment, which if passed would mean additional state funding for Olentangy.
Currently, the state funds chartered non-public schools at $1,089 per pupil. Olentangy currently receives approximately $400 per pupil in state funding.
The article also cites two Olentangy residents who provided testimony on behalf of taxpayers to the Senate Education Committee last week.
Anyone who would like to provide testimony to the Senate Finance Committee on Wednesday, May 14 should arrive at the Statehouse by 9:30am.
Special thanks to Gongwer for giving ONE Olentangy permission to repost this article. Their website can be found at www.gongwer-oh.com.

Call to Action! Potential state funding increase for Olentangy

Written by ONE Olentangy on .

An amendment to HB 487 has been proposed by Sen. Jim Hughes, which has the potential to increase Olentangy’s state funding by $10 million. 

Olentangy School Board’s School Advocacy Committee urges residents who are able to show support by attending the Senate Education Committee hearing tomorrow, May 8th, at 10am in the South Hearing Room of the Ohio Statehouse. 

Olentangy’s superintendent Dr. Wade Lucas has been working with Sen. Hughes, who represents parts of Dublin and Hilliard, on an amendment to the Mid-Biennial Review bill that would include increased funding for suburban schools. Regarding his work with Sen. Hughes, Lucas said, “Although he does not represent our school district area, Sen. Hughes is better apprised of the inequity of the current system and its effect on suburban districts such as Olentangy.”

Olentangy school board member Julie Feasel explains, “Currently the way school funding works, chartered non-public schools get $1,089 per pupil from the state plus $5,750 per pupil from the public school the student is coming from. What the amendment is asking is that for every public school to get at least $1,089 per pupil from the state which is what the charters get.”

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