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Connect. Inform. Impact.

Our goal is to CONNECT us as a community, INFORM our readers in a proactive way about local issues that affect our schools, and, as a result, IMPACT the future of our school district in a positive manner.

Time and again, Olentangy residents have said they wished they could get more accurate and timely information about issues that affect our school district. A group of us  residents, parents, taxpayers  decided to rise to the challenge.

ONE Olentangy is a collaborative effort of district residents. We are determined to get the facts straight,  the real story told and the message delivered. We are contributor driven, volunteer-based and will be rapid response while diving deep into certain topical issues. Furthermore, we will strive to inform the community about issues before key decisions are made so that we, as a community, can hopefully have an impact.

 We do not profess to have all the answers, nor do we expect that every topic presented will elicit a unanimously supportive response. While we are generally school supporters, we are also concerned parents and taxpayers. We will not flinch from "calling them as we see them," and calling out anyone  the school administration, school board members, even our state and local governments  on things that we view as contrary to the best interests of the entire Olentangy community.

Olentangy is blessed with a high level of parent and community involvement. We are a diverse district and have resident experts that can share their knowledge on specific topics. ONE Olentangy can be the vehicle by which they can share what the community needs to know. Though ONE Olentangy is independent of Olentangy schools, we hope that the district will provide information to us on topics of interest. That way, the information we provide is highly credible, informative and interesting.

The Olentangy school district encompasses more than 95 square miles, and it has been the fastest growing district in the state for the past 10 years. The district comprises all or part of seven townships, four cities, two area codes, and it has three high schools. There are plenty of ways to divide us, but we are all "ONE Olentangy" if we seek credible information and want to move the community forward.

We welcome article contributions from school board members, district committee chairs, and other community members with informed perspectives on Olentangy issues. This is a collaborative effort, so don't hesitate to contact us with articles you have written, photographs you have taken, and story ideas.

ONE Olentangy will give readers relevant information and informed opinions, honestly. The number or articles we publish will depend on how many relevant articles are contributed from our volunteers and the community at large; however, our readers can expect at least a couple of new articles once or twice each week.

We invite you to be a part of the effort to keep our Olentangy community informed and involved in a proactive way.

Let's CONNECT. Let's INFORM. Let's make an IMPACT.... together!



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