Moms speak out about how Olentangy prepared their kids for college

Written by a group of parents of OOHS graduates and submitted to ONE Olentangy on .

This letter was originally sent to the Olentangy school board members, Superintendent Wade Lucas, OOHS Principal Todd Meyer and subsequently shared with ONE Olentangy by one of the parents listed below. 

As the parent of two children, one just graduated and another a Freshman at OOHS, I wanted to share something that happened last evening.  A group of mothers of sons recently graduated got together to catch up on how the boys were doing and make care packages to send them. We each took a turn updating the group on our sons and their transition to college and how they were adjusting. A common theme emerged:  they all told us (separately, not knowing we were getting together) that they felt they were better prepared than most of the other freshmen they were meeting. They said that they were unaware at the time they were going through OOHS that they were fortunate enough to be in a great school and now that they had a broader experience it was much more obvious to them now that they have moved on that they attended a great high school. 

I know that being the teachers or parents of high schoolers can be challenging and frustrating at times. But, we all discussed that we wanted to share this with you all so you can be proud of the job you do and know that it is ( even a little late) not lost on the kids themselves. We all left the evening grateful that our boys were up to the challenge of the Freshman year in college and for the district that provided them with excellent opportunities.

Please feel free to share with anyone you feel appropriate.

Thank you,

Mothers of OOHS 2013 Graduates
Kelly Clark
Brenda Anstine
Korinne Gilliam
Monica Pennington 
LeeAnn Dewey
Wendy McHale
Jodi Harris
Madonna Wheeler

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