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ONE Olentangy had intended to publish a fact-checking article on a recent video entitled “Hidden Agenda: Katy Barricklow and Brian Helwig.” Due to recent events and editorial discussion, however, we have decided not to publish that article.  

ONE Olentangy is made up a very diverse editorial board, all of whom care about the Olentangy community. We purposely wanted a diverse board in terms of age, political views, gender, etc in an effort to make content decisions that best reflect our mission of providing  accurate, fact-based information that affects us as parents, taxpayers, and community residents. 

As the ONE Olentangy editorial board moves forward with this relatively new non-profit venture, we are continuing to develop our standards. We are volunteer-based, so finding the time to issue timely and relevant articles is a challenge.  

Upon viewing the video, our editorial team began researching. Near the end of that process, the video was removed from the Internet. We struggled with whether and what we should publish. This was a healthy debate as we continue to determine what type of journalism we want to provide to our community.

In the end, we came to consensus that we want to provide our fellow community members with the information they need to make informed decisions about the Olentangy community, including this school board race; however, we will not post a detailed article about the video for the following reasons. 

First, the video has been removed from the Internet. Olentangy United, the source of the video, has posted a new video indicating that the producers have concerns for their personal safety. ONE respects the privacy and safety concerns of all private citizens and, out of an abundance of caution for the safety of others, believes it is prudent not to comment further. 

Second, inasmuch as the video was taken down, readers of our article would not be able to reference it, and thus would not be able to make informed conclusions regarding our analysis.  

Following the release of the video, ONE contacted both incumbent school board candidates Julie Feasel and Dave King who stated that they had no comment other than the fact that neither was involved with the making of the video. They intend to continue to focus on their past accomplishments and future goals for the district as their campaign platform. ONE also contacted Brian Helwig and Katy Barricklow, but they did not respond to our request for comment. 

Our decision to not publish this article should not be construed as any type of opinion regarding the claims and/or connections made in the video or of its overall premise. We encourage our readers to do their own research and draw their own conclusions. 

We will continue to comment and fact check the candidates’ campaign pieces and the statements of public officials regarding the school board race as well as other important issues facing the community. It is our intent to be a source of information and pride in Olentangy. As we move forward in our venture, we encourage your feedback. 

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