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State Rep. Andrew Brenner has received local, statewide and even national attention for comments he made about public education that were posted March 3 to his wife’s website Brenner Brief News.  In the post Brenner calls public education “socialism” and appears to encourage the United States to follow the former Soviet Union’s lead by selling off existing school buildings, equipment and real estate to the private sector. He concludes the column by stating, “Privatize everything and the results will speak for themselves.” 

Two weeks after the first blog post, Brenner followed up with a second post to Brenner Brief News that further details his concerns on public education in Ohio. While he briefly mentions Olentangy Schools as a high performing and cost effective district, most of his comments relate to questions on how to fix failing schools, school choice, and other reform initiatives.

ONE Olentangy offered Brenner an opportunity to comment, but he replied that he was unavailable.  

Brenner is the representative for Ohio’s 67th House District, which is comprised of the western two-thirds of Delaware County, and serves as the Vice-Chair of the Ohio House Education Committee. As such, Brenner’s priorities on education legislation should be of interest to the Olentangy community. 

Readers can contact Brenner with comments or questions here or Speaker of the House William Batchelder here.  

Links to both blog posts as well as articles in the Columbus Dispatch and Cleveland Plain Dealer are listed below.


To read Brenner’s blog post “Public education in America is socialism, what is the solution?” click here.

To read the Columbus Dispatch article “Powell legislator stirs controversy over views on public schools,” click here. (May need subscriber access)

To read the Cleveland Plain Dealer article “Back to school for State Rep. Andrew Brenner: editorial,” click here.  
To read Brenner’s follow-up blog post “Tackling education reform: thinking outside the box,” click here.

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