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The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) recently released district profile reports, also known as Cupp reports, for fiscal year 2014 (FY14), which is the 2013-14 school year. These reports include cost per pupil data. Olentangy’s cost per pupil has increased by $195, from $9,403 in FY13 (the 2012-13 school year) to $9,598 in FY14. Also, average teacher salary in the district has increased from $62,777 to $63,307, an increase of $530, during that same time period.

ONE Olentangy has compiled two sets of comparison data below. The first compares Olentangy’s cost per pupil to local districts. The second chart compares Olentangy’s cost per pupil to similar districts, as designated by ODE.

Local Comparison Districts

2013-14 Cost Per Pupil

   (per ODE website)

Upper Arlington             $14,414
Bexley             $14,094
Dublin             $13,213
Worthington             $13,132
New Albany             $12,423
Hilliard             $11,611
Gahanna             $11,186
Pickerington             $10,230
Buckeye Valley             $10,203
Westerville               $9,929
Big Walnut               $9,882
Olentangy             $9,699
Delaware City               $9,597
State Average        $10,913


Similar Districts

 2013-14 Cost Per Pupil

     (per ODE website) 

 Upper Arlington             $14,414
 Solon             $13,757
 Dublin             $13,213
Worthington             $13,132
Hudson             $12,855
Brecksville-Broadview Heights             $12,460
New Albany             $12,423
Centerville             $11,771
Hilliard             $11,611
Sylvania             $11,383
Avon Lake             $10,698
Beavercreek             $10,622
Mason             $10,508
Perrysburg             $10,491
Pickerington             $10,230
Forest Hiils             $10,002
Lakota              $9,874
Loveland              $9,719
Olentangy              $9,699
Avon              $7,996
Springboro              $7,986
Similar District Average        $11,120
State Average        $10,913


The charts show that Olentangy remains on the low end of per-pupil costs, both in comparison to local school districts and in comparison to ODE’s similar districts. 

Of the above list of local comparison districts, only Upper Arlington had a higher performance index (PI) than Olentangy. On the list of ODE's similar districts above, a total of four school districts - Solon, Mason, Hudson and Upper Arlington - had a higher PI than Olentangy.

The Cupp report provides more than cost per pupil data. It contains demographics, property valuation, enrollment, teacher statistics and other pertinent information. Readers can find Olentangy’s FY14 Cupp report by clicking here.


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