Under the radar

Written by ONE Olentangy on .

All of the talk about slow residential growth in the U.S. might make you think that those of us living in the Olentangy School District can take a breath for a change. Well, not so fast.

Apartment complexes and other multi-family developments are being proposed within the Olentangy School District boundaries. How much of an impact will these have on Olentangy Schools' enrollment? How much of an effect will they have on traffic, emergency services and utilities? Your guess is as good as ours, but it doesn't sound pretty.

Think about this:

  • 360 apartment units are being proposed west of Sawmill Parkway near Liberty High School in Liberty Township.
  • 550 apartment units are being proposed near the southeast corner of Sawmill Parkway and Seldom Seen Road in Powell.
  • 148 apartments are proposed on the northeast corner of Lazelle Road and U.S. 23 in Columbus.
  • A 157-unit residential hotel is proposed on East Powell Road in Orange Township.
  • 504 apartment units are proposed south of Polaris Parkway between Olde Worthington Road and Alum Creek in Westerville.
  • 224 apartment units are proposed on South Old State Road between Retreat at Polaris condominiums and Drug Mart in Columbus.
  • Another 224 apartment units have been approved on Antares Avenue by Frontroom Furnishings on Polaris Parkway in Columbus.
  • 44 apartment units are proposed at 9940 South Old State Road in Orange Township.
  • 138 multi-family units are proposed on Bale Kenyan Road near Waverly Place.

These are just the complexes that ONE Olentangy knows about.  Residents are encouraged to attend local township and Planning & Zoning meetings and ask questions. And bring a friend. You know what they say about the squeaky wheel!