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We welcome guest submissions to ONE Olentangy. You may submit a fact-based article, an op-ed piece or a photo. Our editorial board will review the article or op-ed for accuracy and will determine if it is an article that is consistent with the intent of this site. For verification purposes, you must include your name, address, phone number, and your sources. The editorial board reserves the right to decide whether or not to publish the article, op-ed or photo for any reason. All submissions become the property of ONE Olentangy.

If you would like to submit an article or photo via email, our email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Notice to the media and other readers about content on this site

A tremendous amount of work and fact-checking is put into every ONE Olentangy article. Our goal is to understand and try to communicate the full picture about things happening in our community. We are serious about the content and facts that we publish. So serious, in fact, that we are willing to put our name and credibility on the line over what we publish.  ONE Olentangy has an editorial board of its own that provides a final review of each entry. That's how much we care about Olentangy and accuracy. Most entries are collaborative and therefore are attributed simply to ONE Olentangy. Certain guest articles that come from a specific, reputable source are identified as such in the byline.

ONE Olentangy invites reputable media outlets to use content from these articles as part of your research. If this site helps you in your research or as a quotation in an article, please use what you need. The content used, however, must reflect the spirit of what was written in the article.

All citation for our work, unless authorship is otherwise noted, is ONE Olentangy.

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