OPINION: Olentangy's success is due to voter support

Written by Julie Wagner Feasel, member of the Olentangy Board of Education on .

The Olentangy Local School District has a great story to tell. It is one of the best multi-high school districts not only in Ohio, but also in the nation. Our students are recognized for their performances not only in the classroom, but on the field, in the gym, on the stage, in the community, on the mat, in the pool, on teams and individually. Not a day goes by when are students aren’t accomplishing greatness.
Olentangy is a destination community and many people want to be a part of it. We have been the fastest growing school district in the state for the last 15 years – adding 18 new school buildings during that time to accommodate growth. These buildings have been built and been in operation because our voters have said “Yes, I support our schools” for which I am most grateful.
The district has been very prudent with the money our voters have approved in the past as the district spends less per pupil than the state’s average and our similar district’s average. The last operating levy was supposed to last three years, but due to the enactment of financial efficiencies, the district has stretched that promise to five years. 
On March 15, the Olentangy Local School District is asking for additional funding for operating expenses, permanent improvements and a fourth high school. The money is needed to accommodate growth and to continue our existing programs. As a taxpayer with children no longer in the district, I only need to look at the success of my own daughters who are now a school teacher and a Dean’s List college junior, to know that my return on investment in our school district is well worth it. I want all Olentangy students to have the opportunities that my daughters had.
Therefore, I’m asking you to join me and my husband, a former Olentangy student, by voting YES for our schools on or before March 15, 2016.
Thank you,
Julie Wagner Feasel, resident Lewis Center
School Board member 2006 to present

OPINION: Sustain high achievement with Yes vote

Written by Dave King, member of the Olentangy Board of Education on .

Olentangy Local Schools is asking the Olentangy community for continued support of our acknowledged excellence in academics, extra-curricular opportunities and fiscal management.
The combined levy and no-new-millage bond request on March 15 allows for continued accommodation of long-term population growth, technology advancement, maintenance of 25 facilities, and, most importantly, sustaining our high achievement in academics and opportunities for every student.
I have lived in the district for decades and have volunteered with people over the years who are dedicated to the success of Olentangy. I am so very appreciative of all their efforts.
Please vote yes on March 15 for the benefit of the Olentangy community. Together we can ensure Olentangy remains the excellent district it is today.
Dave King
Olentangy resident and School Board member

OPINION: Continue the support

Written by Teri Uehlein, Powell resident on .

My family will be voting YES on our upcoming Olentangy school issue!  
This district has done a fantastic job with my children.  My oldest is a sophomore in Farmer School of Business at Miami University.  He is doing superb there because of his Olentangy education.  My middle son, a senior at Liberty High School, has been accepted to The Ohio State University Fisher School of Business and into their scholars program.  My youngest son is still a sophomore at Liberty.  
Our AP choices at the high school level are beyond any opportunities you could ask for.  This district offers 22 AP courses!  The academic support my boys received has been amazing. Our teachers put in significant amounts of time,  energy, and individualized attention to be sure our children thrive in the classroom.  The academic rigor has made my boys excel.  
My boys have had the best of the best in academics, administrative, and counseling to be sure they are on track for where they wish to go after HS.  Although my children have almost completed their education here; I will continue to support the district by voting YES!  
Teri Uehlein

OPINION: Time for us to step up

Written by Emily Truitt Robinson, Lewis Center resident on .

I am writing this letter in support of the March 15 Olentangy ballot issue, and I’m asking for your support.
I am an Olentangy graduate, resident and parent.  As a current board member on two school PTOs and an Olentangy Education Foundation trustee and volunteer, I see first hand the strengths of our schools.  I also witness the over-crowding, long bus routes, increasing class sizes, classrooms in ‘non-classroom’ intended areas, shared teacher work areas and lunch lines too long for the time available.  I greatly appreciate the lengths the district has gone to reduce spending, overhead and advocate for fair state funding.  But now it’s time for us to step up and support our schools to avoid negatively impacting the educational experience in the classroom.
By voting ‘yes’ March 15th, you will support 3 equally important parts; building to relieve overcrowding, funds for day-to-day operations, such as paying our incredible teaching staff, and permanent improvements to the 25 aging buildings.
Olentangy schools are the reason many of us moved here and remain in this area.  With our very high performance and below state-average costs per pupil, families are guaranteed the most for our children at a great value.  Please fulfill your civic duty and responsibility to our students and our community by voting YES March 15th for our school district.
Emily Truitt Robinson

OPINION: Levy is a necessity

Written by Mindy Patrick, member of the Olentangy Board of Education on .

I wanted to take this opportunity to discuss the Olentangy Local School District upcoming Levy on the March 15th ballot. 
This past November I was elected to the Board of Education with an overwhelming show of support from the Olentangy community, for which I am so humbled and honored to serve. During my campaign I was very forth coming regarding my position on a fourth high school; there is an immediate need and it is the only viable option that maximizes fiscal responsibility and academic/non-academic opportunities for our students short and long-term. That being said, I want to emphasize this levy is more than voting on a 4th high school.
Voting “Yes” on the March 15th  will allow us build a 4th high school and address overcrowding  but more importantly it will allow us to continue the services we currently offer, maintain our current building, update technology, purchase much needed buses,  and increase our staff to accommodate growth. We are coming to the voters due to the lack of state funding. We will continue to lobby for fair funding but until we can achieve that goal the state puts the burden  on us, the taxpayers. If taxpayers want the same high quality education, this levy is a necessity. We are the best educational value in central Ohio; please help us continue educational excellence!
On March 15, please join me in supporting our schools.  Vote “YES”.
Mindy Patrick, OLSD Board of Education 

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