OPINION: Vote for Feasel and King

Written by Chari Fogel, Olentangy resident on .

I would like to encourage all voters in the Olentangy Local School District to enter the voting booth on November 5th and re-elect both Dave King and Julie Feasel for school board.  
It is their leadership which has enabled our school district to earn a record Performance Index on the recently released state report card. It is no wonder that US News and World Report, in their most recent rankings of US High Schools, ranked Olentangy Liberty High School fourth in the state of Ohio, Olentangy High School seventh in the state, and Olentangy Orange High School 11th in the state. We hire the most qualified teachers who genuinely care about our students. This is a culture that emanates from our school board members King and Feasel.  
It is under the leadership of Julie Feasel and Dave King, through their fiscal responsibility, that enables our district to deliver a quality education to our children with only 11% of the state funds that comparable Ohio districts receive from the state.  
Additionally, they PARTICIPATE in our community, attending school concerts, sporting events, and their own children are products of the school district. They are proud to represent the school district. As voters, we would be remiss to elect school officials whose children do not attend the schools they wish to represent.
We have a winning formula in King and Feasel. Please return them to the Olentangy School Board and keep our progress moving forward.

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